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  • Customized holidays, shared emotions!


    Holiday means to us a combination of action and relaxing, wellness and adrenaline, new cultures and still feeling at home. Doing it when you feel it, without pressure. Getting lost to find yourself again, as an individual or as part of a group.


    The idea of "The Lodge" has grown over many years in the minds of a group of people whose centerpiece of life was traveling the world. All the things we have learned and loved by traveling we try to combine in "The Lodge". It took us 3 years to find the right location to realize all our ideas.


    The idea was to create a location which gives everyone the possibility to stay individual and practice sports at their level without losing the possibility of being part of a group. We see the high value of the little holiday time people have nowadays.


    Situated in an outdoor-sports lover's paradise, you find unique variety of outdoor sports to pick from in the same week, even in the same day! We offer you the highest possible degree of individuality and flexibility, while at the same time providing the set-up to share your daily highlights with like-minded people.


    Only a happy mind can spread happiness. Join your sports with our Elements.

Atlantic Jungle LDA
The Lodge
Travessa das Rolas 2
2705 - 332 Colares
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